HIFU Face Treatment

What to expect from HIFU Facial Treatment

HIFU Face Treatment is a new aesthetic skin treatment to the high street that uses ultrasound waves of energy to lift sagging or ageing skin. 

HIFU works by causing an inflammatory trauma to create collagen production, which leads to firmer lifted skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face or other body areas. 

This non-invasive alternative treatment to cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular because not only does it work, but there's no downtime in comparison, reduced risk and cost. 

However, when looking at what to expect after HIFU treatments, three main factors need to be considered before you get too excited

This article will briefly explain the three main factors, how many HIFU treatments you need to see results, how long it takes to feel results, and how those benefits will last after having HIFU face treatments when lifting saggy skin. 

I’m Jen Adams as a functional nutritionist and aesthetics skin therapist. I have ten years of clinical experience in nutrition advice and skin aesthetics treatments.

I want to share with you what I have discovered over the years about ageing skin so you can learn how to enhance your nutrition and skin health to boost what you naturally have to glow every day.

My skin health approach is to educate you to have the confidence when investing in your skincare and professional aesthetic treatments that are right for your skin health, not just your type of skin or the latest fad!

My approach is to educate you about aesthetic solutions to pro-ageing for younger-looking skin, So you can feel confident about investing in your skincare routine and skin rejuvenation treatments that are right for your skin health, not just your skin type.

How many hifu treatments do you need? 

There are a few factors to consider when directly answering this question as openly and honestly as possible.

Namely, the quality of your skin health and your realistic expectations of what a result is? 

The straight answer is ONE treatment is required to see a result. You will feel and see the quality and laxity of your skin improve after one HIFU Face Treatment

However, a regular and consistent treatment protocol will increase your skin's overall quality and strength, improving tone and firmness. 

Moreoften a pro-ageing treatment protocol would recommend a HIFU facelift treatment every 12 to 16 weeks with a minimum of three treatments per annum. 

It's the next question when you will get a different answer depending on the area you want to treat with your HIFU face treatments. 

How long to see hifu results? 

When looking at a focused area and using only a single layer micro-energy, you feel an instant skin tightening result because the skin is thinner; a great example of this is around your eye area. 

You will see and feel an instant result- so look in the mirror and see a change. This will continue to improve over the next 2- 4 weeks. 

If its the HIFU Facelift treatment, there will be an initial feeling of tightness, but the lift takes time.

The deeper micro-energy layers into the dermis contracts the smas layer and cause the inflammatory response.

The immune system takes time to react and produce fibroblast, which will harvest collagen and elastin production.

This can take from 3 months to 6 months to come to the surface of the skin.

However, during that period, you will feel a firmness from the mid-layer of collagen and elastin at 4 to 6 weeks, but the structured feeling of a lift takes a little longer than you want to believe.

Moreoften with my new skin members, when they first have the HIFU Face Lift treatment, it is always at the six months point they report back to me they can notice a difference.

How long do HIFU last? 

Any HIFU face treatment results will last as long as it takes for your skin to age. Depending on the quality of your skin health, age, and skin treatments you have in between will all impact how long the results from a HIFU treatment will last. 

It's all due to the time it takes for your body to break down the collagen created. I am sorry that it is a bit of a politician's answer; it is the best way to explain what happens honestly.

If you are under 30, your collagen does not break down as quickly as it does when you are over 50 or 60 years old.

We all know that as we age, our collagen breakdowns at 1% per year and starts to gather speed if it does not have all the ingredients and stimulation it needs to keep regenerating.

But take a moment to think about a 50-year-old whose skin health is good, they are hydrated, have a good diet, don't smoke, don't go outdoors in the sun, and have regular aesthetic skin treatments? How quickly is her collagen going to decrease?

Probably about the same speed as the 30 year old!

In summary, the answer to how long the result lasts from one single HIFU facelift treatment; I would say between a further 6 to 12 months from once you feel the benefit of the treatment. 

Depending on the quality of your skin health when you have treatment will depend on how long the effects of the treatment will be felt.

So if you plan only to have one HIFU face-lift treatment and your skin health is poor, you will feel the benefit of that treatment, but it will take longer than you expect and won't last as long as you would prefer.

In conclusion: Depending on the area you want to treat with a HIFU treatment will depend on how many HIFU treatments you will need and how quickly you will feel results. 

In the case of how long will the results last, that makes no difference to the treated area, that depends on the quality of your skin health and any further treatment you have afterwards.

In Skin Health Clinic, I do a HIFU half face treatment every quarter, and within that 12 weeks period, I will also have other skin rejuvenation treatments such as collagen induction treatments or [microneedling] to maintain and keep my skin feeling firm and lifted. 

From experience, I can tell you that if life takes over and I don't do my HIFU face-lift within 6 months, I definitely know its time to do a treatment.

Now I am still ageing, and my skin is still changing and losing its elasticity, but I do feel as though I am managing my ageing skin. It's important to clarify that my slow and low approach to your skincare routine is the same as HIFU face treatments and Microneedling treatments. 

If you are new to having aesthetic skin treatments, I strongly recommend a minimum of 3 collagen-induction treatments within a 12 week period first before considering a HIFU Treatment.

Starting with a HIFU Full facelift treatment and sitting back waiting for the results is not the best way to improve your skin tone for firm lifted skin. Regular and consistent collagen-stimulating treatments are an essential way to firm, tone and lift the structure of your skin tone.

Take a few moments to find your skin health score? Answer the 10 skin and lifestyle questions. If your score is over 6 out of ten, then yes, the quality of your skin health will benefit from a HIFU facelift treatment, as long as you have realistic expectations from non-invasive skin treatments.

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