Skin Payment Plan

Skin Payment Plan

Treatments subscription for ageing skin

Do you want to have your best skin ever?

The secret is to have your aesthetic treatments when you need them, not when you can afford them.

Skin Health Clinic is one of the first to offer the SKIN GYM and offers personalized anti-ageing technology based non-surgical aesthetic treatment plan in one place. You have access to all the treatments – including micro-needling, radio frequency, mesotherapy, HIFU face and HIFU Body sculpting treatment and more [No Dermal fillers]– so that you can achieve healthier-looking skin without having to go from clinic to clinic for different treatments.

The SKIN GYM is the perfect solution if you are worried about the price tag of aesthetic medicine. You can spread the cost of your aesthetic treatments over 6 to 12 months, suitable for all budgets as you can spread the cost, so you don't have to worry about paying up front and then waiting until next month to get another treatment.

As everyone deserves their best skin ever, your skin health is the most important investment when it comes to feeling confident about your appearance. The SKIN GYM is a monthly payment plan to make it easy and affordable to have the treatments to improve your skin health regularly without breaking the bank.

You can have glowing, healthy skin that you've always wanted.

After many years of working with patients, the success of improving ageing skin is consistent regular treatments. Those who come every 4 to 6 weeks and follow an aesthetic skin treatment plan get the best results from the amount of time and money they invest in their skin health.

Based on the answers you give in your skin health consultation about your skin concerns and the areas you want to focus on, a prescriptive skin protocol is created to fit into your lifestyle without breaking the bank or putting too much pressure on you financially.

Book your skin treatment where Jen Adams will take care of everything from there - no more worrying about which technology based aesthetic skin treatment options are right for you, how much each treatment costs or when to have the next one to maintain or enhance the previous. All you need to do is focus on looking and feeling fabulous every day with the SKIN Club monthly payment plan.

Prescriptive Skin Payment Plan

Depending on your current skin health and budget, there is a SKIN GYM plan for you, even a kick-starter program, all been designed to match the most common skin concerns for ageing skin, they are prescriptive and will be adapted to suit your desired outcome and budget.

Your skin will look more radiant than ever before with less effort.

Skin Payment Plan Benefits

Each facial is scheduled in accordance with your skin rejuvenation. So each session will be booked in advance based on the optimal healing time of the previous session. The cost of treatments is paid monthly over 6 to 12 months regardless of your aesthetics skin treatment plan. A safe and effective way to improve skin and get optimal results comes from consistent regular treatments.

You will also have access to Your Health Club - advice, tips and secrets to improve skincare to tighten, lift and tone your appearance.


  • Private Skin Clinic
  • Online Booking System
  • Advice on a home skincare routine
  • Same therapist every time who will understand how your skin reacts to the individual treatments
  • Incentives compared to individually treatment prices
  • Skin care take-home pack
  • Each treatment plan includes LED Light Therapy [exclusive to SKIN Club members only]
  • Priority booking options

In summary

If you are looking for a professional skin therapist to solve your current skin concerns, using only the most effective technology based non-invasive skin treatments [no dermal fillers], create a treatment protocol to address all your skin concerns, such as fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin then the SKIN Club is the answer.

To tighten, lift and improve the tone to create radiance naturally requires a regular commitment. The SKIN Club is the answer,it takes away your stress of finding the proper treatment and then budgeting to pay for it. You deserve to have your best skin ever, so get your aesthetic facial treatments when you need them, not when you can afford them.

Each treatment protocol has been created with your skin rejuvenation in mind, as when to have a microneedling treatment versus a HIFU face Lift can be confusing. When you join the SKIN GYM, a professional skin health practitioner does all this for you.

Plus, with a monthly subscription plan, it's easier than ever before! All of this comes with an affordable price tag too – from just £115 per month! And if you book your skin treatment within the next 14 days, you can claim a free deep tissue neck and shoulder massage worth £45.

It's time for you to look and feel fabulous every day, so don't wait another day! Book your first skin treatment as this includes a consultation, and add the code MASSAGE to the message and claim the free neck and shoulder massage.


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